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Our Team

Javerix has main six departments to serve clients during the whole order procedure, now please let us make a brief introduction of those departments !



Development and Design Department


Javerix has a design department including a sample room. In this department, we have 3-5 designer who experienced for 5-10 years in working design field. They are strong sensitive in color and fashion, are able to catch the most welcomed style and color match quickly every year. Then, have 2 pattern makers who can calculate the size and cut the pattern for sample making according to the artwork. Final, we also have experienced sample workers who can sewing the sample fluently and correctly. So main mission of this department is:



1) Find and draw the new style and design, then make the artwork as real sample;


2) Make effect of design according clients requests, like different color match or material or some structure adjustments.


3) Logo and package design. If client ask, our designers can help to design your logo and package iamge as well.


Sales Department

averix has more than 5 sales, they have 3-8 years experience in foreign business as a sales. So they are definitely familiar with various bags and backpacks, besides sales are know local market well which can help client to choose most suitable for their targeted market. So the mission of our sales is to help clients:



1) Answer the question and doubts about the product, such as size/color/fabric/function/price and so on;


2) Provide professional suggests about the product fabric and structure for clients;


3) Recommend the styles which suitable for targeted customers and popular in recent market.



Purchase Department


Javerix has 3-5 purchasers, they already have worked in purchasing for 5 years, so they are reasonably familiar to the local material cost, worker price and management cost in factory. And the main work of them is:


1) Help clients to calculate the quotation which provided by factory;


2) To check the sample cost to see if factory quote in reasonable

3) According clients targeted price and product requirements to choose some better suppliers;


4) To make a professional test and report about the management, finance, production and delivery of those factories, then select the best suitable one.


Quality control department


Javerix now has 4-6 members for tracking the production and control the product quality. All of them have more than 10 years experience in factory so that them are completely familiar with the operation and management of most factories. They can help to make a prodcution schedule after order confirmed. Then what they can do for clients?



1) Spot inspection for bulk fabric and material to see if them meets requirements;


2) Keep watching to the produce of pre production sample;


3) Hold a meeting with factory workshop charge-man and workers to make sure they can treat the project seriously;


4) The production line tracking during mid-production and keep updates to sales and clients;


5) Quality inspection in the end of production and checking the package information.


Department of Documents


Javerix has 2-3 document clerk who have worked for 3-5 years. They are know the export procedure well whatever shipping by air express, air cargo or sea cargo. They become the bridge between transport company and customs broker, they will help:


1) Make relevant documents via different shipping way;


2) Inform transport agent to book ship and customs broker to clear the custom timely;


3) Keep tracking cargo when shipping and make sure it is goes well.


After-sale Service Department


Javerix has a professional after-sale service team with 3-5 members. They serve start from the deposit then end after signature by clients. This team are patient, serious, attentive and quick replied. They always can handle the various after-sale problems well and most of our clients are like them. And their main work is:


1) Keep posting the production situation to clients;


2) Make customer feedback report after clients received and reviewed the items;


3) Help clients to solve the problem during product operation and others, advise the best solution to reduce the loss to minimum;


4) Take customer feedback to other department of Javerix, let us can serve the clients better in following business.



Besides the above strong and professional departments, Javerix also has Finance Department and Human Resource Department who always collaborate and support other team members. Because of their help, Javerix become a harmony and nice family. Every member in here are nice and friendly.

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